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fuckinm_htx's Journal

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I live for music. I like to play music and be with other music lovers. This is the premis.

However I think that American raido is not a realistic representation of what everybody wants to listen to. Rather it is a big ass piece of media bullshit. Most Americans dont really listen to music; they just turn on the raido and listen to whatever is cool at the time.

How many people out there are trying to scratch together something new and cutting edge but are fighting that popular trend. Maybe what you do musically is just not what the media is telling people what to like. This is what this is for.

Also this is a way to discuss instruments, playing, technique, bands, whatver. This is not where you come to complain about college, unless it is a music college. This is not where you come to describe your relationships, unless it is with the band.

I made thins because I find my other lj to be bland as fuck.