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News Update - fuckinm_htx
June 1st, 2004
12:38 pm


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News Update
Local Band Highlights:
1)Supavillain: Definetly worth checking out. Download some tracks at www.supavillain.com There music is falls along the same lines as powerman5000 and static-x but with a more raw and brutal sound.
2)Deepabovesurface: A new lineup and more refined sound you can get a demo at one of there shows but the songs on the demo arent there best so take the time become a deepabovesurface member at www.deepabovesurface.com and get the tracks off the net.ya lazy bastards!!!
3)Deep6:Allright these guys have been around for a awhile and are more worth checking out as time goes by, go to a show get a demo or your genitalia will rot off. Or just download some tracks off of www.deep6.net but your genitalia will still rot off i commend this.

Thats all the local bands for this update Lets move on to other news Peter the other maintainer of this website is looking for some musicians to jam with in hopes of starting a deathmetal band and as for my current band Spookles expect to hear some mp3s by the end of the summer First song that will be released is titled "Welcome to the Pumpkin Patch" that is all for now on that subject.

As for national bands Kitties new album will be out next month and Oteps. By the way watch oteps new video for the song "warhead" its very insightful

peace and chicken, cody

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