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xantilove - fuckinm_htx
February 28th, 2004
09:18 pm


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ok i have been asked to do a review of xantilove.

go there to listen to the music for yourslef. first i want to say something about emo. and its not nice. i dont know where emo came from but i dont like it. it sounds too wimpy and annoying. plus it has to be the most overdone and repeated thing i have ever heard. there are thousands of bands out there doing this emo/hardcore mixture and oddly enough winning battle of the band contests. i think this is just a small flash in the pan of music commercialism. people will eventually get sick of it and be done with it, like the 80s.

xantilove does a combo of emo and hardcore, screamo if you will. the mixture in every song so far is a emo-hardcore-emo sandwich. i like the hardcore thing. xantilove does a good job of mixing it up and not doing that build up and up shit. im partial to rough and abrupt transitions. note that i say good. everything is done good. there is talent, thats for sure, but its not really great and thats the difference. you have to do something really exellent to stick out. you have to do more than mix two popular genres.

now for the good news. there are alot of bands out there doing the emo shit and sucking at it. you guys are not sucking at all. you are doing all the obligatory emo/hardcore things beautifully. you play well, you scream and sing pretty good, the drums are very well thought out. the tone is really great (thankyou peavey 5150). like i said try to mix it up. more transitions, more variations in a song. the guitar melodies are pretty well comopsed, maybe you could work toward a more psychadelic tool-ish thing. whatever it is just do it better. personally i would never go to a xantilove concert, all the local joints have been flooded with this stuff. 2.5/5....stars

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Date:March 1st, 2004 05:07 pm (UTC)


Allright I would like to start off by saying this is not really my type of genre I listen to. I listen to more of a CoalChamber, AmericanHeadCharge, Chimaira type of music, but i will not let my personal preference get in the way of this review. That would just be unfair.

All right one things i think you guys should work on is "clarity." By this I mean most of your vocals are hard to understand. I know you guys are trying to send out some sort of message or story in your lyrics but just cant understand it. You scream good just needs to be understandable and i think that could raise you above all the other "hardcore" "screamo" bands out there. Take hatebreed or 36crazyfists for example. That goes for your singing to. Instead of whining it let your natural voice take over. Everyone is always trying to change there voice when they sing and you can tell.

As for instrument wise every thing is played farely well. And it was a well mixed recording. The transitions from melody to heavy where pulled off really nice.

Ok so if any of you music fans out there are into bands such as "As I Lay Dying,""BleedingThrough,"and"KillSwitchEngaged," Then this band would be worth checking out. I give them 3.2 stars out of 5. Keep working on it and send us some more mp3s in the future just let us know what you guys have been up to.
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Date:March 2nd, 2004 11:18 am (UTC)



I give them 10 smiley faces!!

...stars are lame....
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Date:March 2nd, 2004 05:57 pm (UTC)

Re: :P

i give you 3 pizzas
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