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TodaysLocalReview:Iplaf - fuckinm_htx
February 21st, 2004
10:06 pm


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Today i will be reviewiing atascocita based local band Iplaf. If you would like to follow along you can listen to some sound clips off of there official website www.iplaf.com. Not only have I listened to their demo but have also seen them live and got to know them a little at a party. The overall sound is pretty heavy like a coalchamber, mudvayne, korn sound. Some people may call it a "knockoff." The recording seemed like it was done on a low budget but the same problems that are on the demo happen live to. For instance the vocals are too loud one second and then you cant hear a damn thing the next second. A good tip for the singer would be to try and keep a steady volume with his singing and growling and perhaps try to announciate his words better because everything seems to start to fuse together. The lyrics dont make sense all he talks about is doing drugs and high school and fake ass violence.u would think the guitar work is good, but after a few songs it sound repetitive. Same for drums and you cant even tell there is a bassist playing. As for live sshow they pur on a good stage performance dressing spooky, fake blood, and smashing tvs. Everysong is about the same speed. Needs more change and broken rythems. They are on to something but are far from there. I give these kids 2 out of 5 stars unworthy of a record deal. Also another tip would be to broden your horizons of where you play at. Fuelcybercafe is for pussys

Current Music: Iplaf-BlownKiller

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Date:February 21st, 2004 08:20 pm (UTC)

followup by peter

well there are a few things that i want to say but first of all is they need better tone. i mean i dont know what they were playing through but the distortion was just the same as the next guy. you could take any guitar in the world, detune it, run it through a boss MT2, stick it into any amp through any cab and there you have it. standard tuning is original any more. dude, you play in E??

cody is right, i really got hooked on that little riff they jamm out in the first song. they use the same bullshit on the entire crappy album. i like the growl. i cant hear what the hell he is saying, i looked up the lyrics. all i have to say is that its not cool to complain about the hardships of high school. also try to make a little more sense.

they need to take the best song they have and just scrap the rest. try to have some vairation. its cool to have a sound. korn is korn, i know korn when i hear it and so does everybody else; iplaf needs to try to work in other directions. i like what they do, now change it.

learn how to mix everything and normalize your singing and they have some potential. for spook core it sounds pretty original.
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